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Welcome to Access Audio, the leading supplier of Audio Description Equipment


Access Audio Aural Aide offers state of the art wireless audio description equipment specifically designed for blind & visually impaired people. A range of static transmitters and fully portable powered systems means you can provide an effective audio description service in any size of conference hall, stadium or theatre without any expensive fixed installation. These systems are fully portable and allow you to move your radio audio description equipment from one venue to another with no fuss. Hearing aid users are catered for via personal neck induction loops. The systems are simple to use and can be set up in moments by non technical personnel. Major existing users include RNIB Soccer Sight and most major football, rugby and cricket clubs.


Access Audio Aural Aide wireless tour guide equipment allows crystal clear speech commentary from a tour guide leader to a tour party group. Can be used for public broadcast or private broadcast, where only party members hear the broadcast via headset receivers. All radio tour guide systems are totally self-contained in charger/storage flight cases providing plug and play systems, with no set-up required. Hearing aid users are catered for via personal neck induction loops.


Access Audio Aural Aide wireless simultaneous language translation equipment has 16 channels which can be broadcast in the same area at the same time to provide live interpretation or commentary at conferences and exhibitions. Twin headset capability on transmitters mean two translators can work together providing continuity of service and seamless translation. Hearing aid users catered for via personal neck induction loops. These systems offer complete plug and play equipment with no set-up required.

Ez Control - Friday 27 June, 2014

Announcing the launch of our new range of EZ CONTROL solutions developed specifically for people with manual dexterity and mobility issues.

This range of easy to use controls is ideal for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neuron Disease and Arthritis; giving users greater independence and the ability to easily and effectively operate household appliances.

All products featured in this leaflet can be tailored to meet individual needs

For more information and to download an electronic leaflet click here

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your specific needs please contact us

Tel 0131 663 0777



PAXTON ACCESS CONTROL solutions now available - Friday 24 January, 2014

Access Audio is an approved Paxton installer with factory trained engineers able to install and maintain Paxton Access Controls to deliver solutions tailored to your needs

Paxton’s radio hands free door access systems are ideal for people with limited mobility and dexterity problems, or where users have their hands are full!

The HANDS FREE OPERATION lends itself to a number of applications including

INFECTION CONTROL hands free control in high infection risk areas

DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION ACT COMPLIANCE for use in buildings such as schools, colleges, universities, public buildings or large offices

INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS barrier control internally & externally, streamlining vehicle access

DOMESTIC APPLICATIONS ideal for door control with wheelchair users and users with dexterity problems


Product Features include:

  • Small lightweight key tags, only 16 grams, small enough to fit into a pocket
  • Key tag battery life of up to 5 years
  • Fully weatherproof external reader unit
  • Systems work with multiple tags
  • Lost or stolen tags can be easily/ immediately cancelled


For more information please contact us: OR 0131 663 0777

T4 Radio Induction Loop - Tuesday 19 November, 2013

The Access Audio T4 RADIO LOOP SYSTEM is the only loop system you will ever need!




Our T4 radio loop systems offer a serious advantage over infrared and audio-frequency induction loop systems

  • Radio based systems are cheaper to buy, install and maintain
  • They require minimal hard-wiring during installation meaning reduced installation time and disruption and no need for redecoration following installation.
  • Radio loop systems offer a wider broadcast range and work both indoors and outdoors, with our systems being used extensively in football stadia around the UK
  • Radio systems eliminate the need for “line of sight” between transmitters and receivers; meaning crystal clear sound quality regardless of a user’s location in the venue or the presence of obstacles such as pillars or people
  • The T4 loop system is suitable for hearing aid users and those without hearing aids
  • Small lightweight receivers fit discreetly in users pockets
  • Our radio systems have multi-channel capability with the potential to run up to 8 channels simultaneously in one venue
  • The T4 radio loop system can be used to provide a fully portable temporary loop system with direct line input from existing PA systems
  • An optional power supply unit eliminates the need for mains power requirements

With all of these benefits why would you ever consider an infrared or audio-frequency induction loop again?

Click here for sales leaflet

For more information and prices call us on 0131 663 0777 email us at

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AA11-C wireless radio tour guide (hire)

AA-11-C Aural Aide Audio Description Equipment

EchoVoice EV5 Voice and speech amplifier

Automatic door operator for wheelchair users
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