T4 Radio Induction Loop

T4 Radio Induction Loop

The Access Audio T4 RADIO LOOP SYSTEM is the only loopsystem you will ever need!



Our T4 radio loop systems offer a serious advantage over infrared and audio-frequency induction loop systems

  • Radio based systems are cheaper to buy, install and maintain
  • They require minimal hard-wiring during installation meaning reduced installation time and disruption and no need for redecoration following installation.
  • Radio loop systems offer a wider broadcast range and work both indoors and outdoors, with our systems being used extensively in football stadia around the UK
  • Radio systems eliminate the need for “line of sight” between transmitters and receivers; meaning crystal clear sound quality regardless of a user’s location in the venue or the presence of obstacles such as pillars or people
  • The T4 loop system is suitable for hearing aid users and those without hearing aids
  • Small lightweight receivers fit discreetly in users pockets
  • Our radio systems have multi-channel capability with the potential to run up to 8 channels simultaneously in one venue
  • The T4 radio loop system can be used to provide a fully portable temporary loop system with direct line input from existing PA systems
  • An optional power supply unit eliminates the need for mains power requirements

With all of these benefits why would you ever consider an infrared or audio-frequency induction loop again?

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