AA-04 Instant wireless induction loop

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Key Features:

· The system can be deployed in minutes by non-technical staff

· The digital broadcast system produces a number of benefits including:

· Crystal clear sound, superior in quality to standard induction loop

· No interference from mains hum

· Sixteen channel capability, allowing several systems to be used in close proximity with no interference or sound incursion between systems

· No mains power supply is required

· The system is also ideal for hard of hearing users who don’t use hearing aids

· The AA-04 is wireless and completely unobtrusive

· MC-06 microphone comes in classical French polished real wood

· Included MC-05 neck coil microphone converts the AA-04 to a self contained radio tour guide system


· A truly versatile induction loop for use in meeting rooms where there is no existing loop system installed

· Ideal for servicing a number of meeting rooms simultaneously in one facility, such as business centres or large office complexes

· Mobile solution for hard of hearing individuals moving from one meeting to another


· 1 Qty. Aural Aide transmitter
· 1 Qty. MC-06 microphone
· 4 Qty. Aural aide receivers
· 4 Qty. NL-01 personal neck induction loops
· 4 Qty. HD-02 headphones
· 1 Qty. MC-05 neck coil microphone
· 1 Qty. CS-04 carry case