T4-863FP Fixed point Audio Description Transmitter

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Our new T4-863FP transmitter is the most versatile we have ever offered:

* Fixed point, mains powered, no battery life limitations

* UHF PLL Technology means excellent coverage and crystal clear audio with no frequency drift.

* Multi frequency operation will operate up to 8 transmission channels within the 863 – 865 MHz range

* Fully backward compatible with Aural Aide’s R1-863 and NBR1- 863 receivers

* Normally mains powered the T4 can be operated remotely from mains power for up to 24 hours with a portable battery pack T4-PSU

* Can accept two combined headset/microphone sets

* Line level input from audio mixers, sound desks, hospital radio feed, TV, etc.

* Is approved for use in the EU and EFTA countries without a licence

T4-863FP Fixed point UHF transmitter including power supply, line level input lead and phono output lead.