Paxton Access Control Overview

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With Paxton radio access control products you can have an access management system tailored to your needs

All Paxton access control products are radio controlled allowing hands free operation, without the need to swipe passes or fobs, easing and speeding up movement around premises.

Paxton’s HANDS FREE OPERATING SYSTEMS lend themselves to a number of access control applications including

INFECTION CONTROL hands free control in high infection risk areas

DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION ACT COMPLIANCE for use in buildings such as schools, colleges, universities, public buildings or large offices

INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS barrier control internally & externally, streamlining vehicle access

DOMESTIC APPLICATIONS ideal for door control with wheelchair users and users with dexterity problems

PC based access control capability gives all areas control from one or more PCs including

  • Managing user access privileges
  • Setting up restricted access areas
  • Monitoring individuals movements around your premises

Real time event screens on your PC allow you to see when

  • Doors or barriers are forced
  • Security is breached
  • Remedial action or added security is required

We have a full range of Paxton access control products and our engineers are authorised to install, configure, maintain and repair Paxton products

Net2 Nano, Net2 Air, Net2 Air Hands Free, Net2 PaxLock, Net2 Entry

For more information please contact us: OR 0131 663 0777